A real Duesenberg in Kirchheide...

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The Duesenberg J of 1929 is the product of two farmersons from Lippe, Germany, that had left Kirchheide with their mother to built a life in the USA. Fritz Duesenberg was born in Kirchheide in 1876 and came as a fiveyearold with five siblings to the new world. From then on his name was Fred and he became a mechanic. He started by building bicycles and was later hired as a test driver by the automobile industry. He and his brother August (Augie) built cars like Tourer and Roadster. The Duesenbergs made a name for themselves in luxury class automobiles and racing sport cars. In 1933, after 18 years of car design the limousine SJ Twenty Grand was shown at the Chicago Worlds Fair. This luxury limo cost about $ 20,000.00. Today this vehicle sells at auction for millions of dollars. In 1992 very few people at the Motorshow Essen in Germany knew that this, the SJ Twenty Grand, had no equal in style, elegance and technical perfection. No car of American origin had more charisma than this Duesenberg.

Sadly one year before the Chicago Worlds Fair Fred Duesenberg died while driving one of his cars.


Clark Gable and Gary Cooper the Hollywood stars made the Duesenberg "J" luxury car to own. 

Even Al Capone and John Dillinger, Mafia gangsters, owned Duesenbergs. With the added weight of armor and bullet proof glass the Duesenberg still escaped from the police.


The birthplace of Fred Duesenberg is on the Salzuflerstasse in Kirchheide. 

This house is being restored by the present owners now.