Historical Photos

Wille Company, 1974

Schulweg (today: Wilhelm-Stölting-Weg), 1974

1960, Langenstuecker Weg

1979, today there is a Hotel.

German passport, 1946

ca. 1939 Old School Kirchheide

ca. 1960, Zur langen Grund

ca. 1960, Zur langen Grund

ca. 1940 Shoemaker Möller

Here is today a big house.

ca. 1940, View to where is today the elemantary school

ca. 1940, View to Niederbrüntorf

ca. 1940 View to Langenstücker Weg

Wilhelm-Stölting-Weg/Ecke Salzufler Straße, 1964

Elementary school 1956


Albrecht Deppe Company                                               Kirchheider Krug


Two Postcards

Old Postcard



Working in the garden                                   Elementary school


Monument for the killed soldiers                                                   Church Bergkirchen

A picture of an old house, painted in 1943.


Kirchheide Mainstreet in 1954.


Firedepartmentcelebration on August, 7th, 1949. Four years later the public outdoor pool was built on this place.



Some buildings on the Mainstreet in 1954.

Festivalwagon for the Olympic Games in Berlin 1936

Kirchheider Krug, 1943/44

Shoemaker Moeller, 1983

Years ago, there was gas station in Kirchheide.